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Is a leading manufacturer in the office furniture industry. Walk inside a Skymoon Furniture Factory completed bright, open space filled with well-crafted and ergonomic office furniture of international standards. Browse through our main products and choose the perfect set for your workstation environment today!

Choose Your Design

No more frustrating assembly instructions. Our office furniture is designed for hassle-free setup, so you can start working in no time.

Select Your Board

Personalize your office furniture to suit your unique style and needs. Create a workspace that inspires creativity and productivity.

Customize the Size

Experience ultimate comfort while working. Our ergonomically designed office furniture ensures optimal support for your body.

How it works


Pre-Sale Consultation (Measurement + Conceptualisation)

First, we get to know and understand how you get work done (workflow).

Consultation on Layout / 3-D / Proposal

Then, we draw and map it out for easy understanding and discussion.

3-D & proposal validation

The customer must approve the designer's 3-D designs and the production sheet.


Now it's the turn of the expert carpenters, whose sole aim is to give life to the project

Speedy Delivery Service

Once agreed upon, we arrange for your furniture to be delivered!

Installation Service

Fret not, we always make sure everything is installed accordingly.

Turn Your Office into a Masterpiece

Skymoon  furniture, where style meets functionality. Take charge of your workspace and make a statement like a true leader.

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